Brain Ladle Trivia

Every week, we present a fast and fun trivia game where general knowledge is taste-tested from a specific topic…or specific knowledge on a general topic. Either way, the delicious bits of trivia minutiae will be served up, piping hot!

July 30th, 2018    

Episode 14: Presidents

Hail to the chief this week! Andy brings the executive level minutia to the founding fathers of Brain Ladle. Who will collect enough electoral points to win this Super Tuesday? Can this metaphor be stretched any further? Tune in and find out!

July 23rd, 2018    

Episode 13: Thirteen

It's triskadekatrivia this week as Neil tests the knowledge of Davo, Kels and Andy on a returning guest performance! Superstition abounds in this episode, but have no fear, it's only the minutia talking…

July 17th, 2018    

Episode 12: Dogs

It’s our first sequel episode! If you’re not a cat person, you are sure to love this week’s dish of trivia, as we turn our attention to DOGS! Who will be the leader of the pack, and who will be the runt of the litter? Find out as Davo, Neil and Kels dig for the tastiest trivia bones

July 10th, 2018    

Episode 11: O Canada!

This week we focus on our friendly neighbor to the north, with another special guest! Emily joins Neil and Davo for a crash course in all all things Canuck. So settle in with a maple glazed and enjoy, eh?

July 2nd, 2018    

Episode 10: Conjunctions

When grammar and trivia get this week’s episode! Andy’s back for another round with the usual suspects as Kels finds the connections between each trivia nugget. Will their deduction of the function lead to point reduction? Tune in for more trivia seduction.


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