Brain Ladle Trivia

Every week, we present a fast and fun trivia game where general knowledge is taste-tested from a specific topic…or specific knowledge on a general topic. Either way, the delicious bits of trivia minutiae will be served up, piping hot!

April 30th, 2019    

Episode 51-Cars

This week we hit the gas on the next 50 with a look at all things automotive. Kels has the inside track on his black belt, but Andy and Davo are throwing caution to the wind in pursuit of the elusive brown belt. Tune in this week and find out who takes the checkered flag!

April 23rd, 2019    

Episode 50-Our 50th show!

This week in the dojo, we celebrate our 50th show with a blast from the past! The Kumate continues,with Sensei Neil challenging the hard charging Kels, with Andy and Davo hoping to delay his ascendancy. Thank you all for 50, and tune in so we can do 50 more!

April 16th, 2019    

Episode 49-Missouri

With the relocation of the BLOC complete, Sensei Neil returns with a simple task: Show me what you know about the Show Me State! Can Kels, Andy and Davo show what they know in the dojo? Tune in and find out 

April 9th, 2019    

Episode 48-Spring!

Spring has sprung here at the BLOC! Davo, Kels and Andy take their trivia training to the streets in an unsanctioned battle with guest hosts Major and Allison. While Sensei Neil is away, the students will play...trivia games. Tune in for the all of the chaos and tube socks!

April 2nd, 2019    

Episode 47-Comics

This week, we tackle the funny papers! Or at least that's what they were called when newspapers were a thing that people read regularly. These staples of the breakfast routine, along with the crossword, helped shape the Sunday mornings of the Brain Ladle crew. But, Sensei Neil has taken this beloved tradition and turned it into a diabolical test for Davo, Kels and Andy. Tune in for a nostalgia-filled show!


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