Brain Ladle Trivia

Every week, we present a fast and fun trivia game where general knowledge is taste-tested from a specific topic…or specific knowledge on a general topic. Either way, the delicious bits of trivia minutiae will be served up, piping hot!

November 16th, 2021    

Episode 184-Rando-pedia!

This week, the gang does their best to make it through an episode with the legendary MC Davo, as Andy and Kels go head to head in a fiendishly random contest! The Sensei eschews the theme for the flavor! 

November 9th, 2021    

Episode 183-Ten Letter Words

Break out those thesauri, Ladlers! This week, the Sensei has crafted a quiz chock-full of those big words we use to impress people at parties...if it's not 10 letters, it isn't good enough!

November 2nd, 2021    

Episode 182-Music with the Sifu

This week, we welcome Barry the Sifu! He has returned with a devious challenge for Andy-a 3 on 1 showdown for music supremacy! Not just any music, classic music! Stuff like the Beatles, Stones, and other Social Security recipients. If you dig the oldies, you'll dig this show! If you don't, Davo is right there with ya.

October 26th, 2021    

Episode 181-Quotes

This week, the Sensei brings the wisdom of the ages in quote form! The challenge for the usual suspects: who said what, where and why! Simple, right? Have you met the Sensei??

October 19th, 2021    

Episode 180-Crime

Whomever said crime doesn't pay clearly needs to listen to this week's episode! Neil has the skinny on all things illegal this week, so who knows the most about being the worst? Tune in and find out! 

October 12th, 2021    

Episode 179-Mystery 3-Wrath of the Mystery

We are back with more mysterious trivia! The Sensei is really on a roll, and we are along for the ride!

October 5th, 2021    

Episode 178-Four Letter Words

This week, we take a look at everyone's favorite words, those with 4 letters! Now, these are not words of the naughty variety, but all four letter words we can manage. Four little letters, a hour of entertainment, what a deal!

September 28th, 2021    

Episode 177-Yet Another Mystery Theme!!!

This week, we present another mystery theme! This has proven to be a popular addition to the Brain Ladle repertoire of engaging trivia excellence, so be on your toes and try to beat the usual suspects to the punch!  

September 21st, 2021    

Episode 176-Mystery Theme!

You asked for it, you got it, back by popular demand, it's a mystery theme! Tune in and find out what the show's about and who catches on the quickest!

September 14th, 2021    

Episode 175-Literature

This week, we take a look at the written word, with a quiz all about literature! Sometimes books have pictures, and those are Davo's favorite. Unfortunately, the quiz is about pictureless books, so he will have to do his best

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