Brain Ladle Trivia

Every week, we present a fast and fun trivia game where general knowledge is taste-tested from a specific topic…or specific knowledge on a general topic. Either way, the delicious bits of trivia minutiae will be served up, piping hot!

August 6th, 2019    

Episode 65-Mythology

This week, the Brain Masters tournament is put on hold as we present a special prerecorded episode. Kels, Andy and Neil square off against Emily and her vast knowledge of all things mythological. Which Ladler can go the distance, and reach their own personal Mount Olympus? Tune in and find out!

July 30th, 2019    

Episode 64-1952

This week, the Brain Masters tourney continues with a look back at 1952! Neil delves deep into that bygone year, devising questions that will challenge and entertain with retro goodness! Can Kels maintain is lead? Will the hard-charging Andy take control? Is Davo still on the show? Listen in and find out!

July 23rd, 2019    

Episode 63-summer!

It's a hot one out there, so why not stay inside, grab a cold beverage and listen to Game 7 of the Brain Masters tournament. Davo is still alive by the slimmest of margins, Kels is standing strong and Andy is not far behind the leader. What happens next...tune in and find out!

July 16th, 2019    

Episode 62-Potpourri

This week, the Brain Masters tournament enters the home stretch! Neil has whipped up a fresh assortment of trivia, plucked from categories hither and yon, to challenge the usual suspects. Who will win the day?Listen in and find out!!!

July 9th, 2019    

Episode 61-Death

There are 3 inevitable things in life: taxes, Kels winning a tournament, and the topic for this week's show, death! Join us for a macabre round of trivia as the Brain Masters tournament continues!

July 2nd, 2019    

Episode 60-1902

This week, we put the Brain Masters on hold and take a look at 1902. Andy puts his history chops on full display as he challenges the usual gang to cast their minds back to the seemingly ancient past. Can Kels handle the immense time gap? Will Neil double everyone else's score? Is Davo still on the show? Tune in and find out!  

June 25th, 2019    

Episode 59-Universities

The tournament continues! Neil takes us to school this week as we take on universities! Join Kels, Davo and Andy as they matriculate through Neil's curriculum. Who will be head of the class? Listen in and find out!

June 18th, 2019    

Episode 58-Roads

It's game 3 of the tournament! Kels is once again on the road to victory in the early stages, which means Neil has some questions for him about roads, victory or otherwise. Oh, Andy and Davo are their, too, just to make it interesting!

June 11th, 2019    

Episode 57-Drugs

The latest tournament continues as we firmly recommend you listen to this episode twice and call us in the morning! Davo and Andy try to catch Kels as we discuss all things drug related. Listen in moderation as Neil passes the questions to the left.

June 4th, 2019    

Episode 56-Fruit

This week, we tackle the wonderful world of fruit! With Neil firmly in control of the pebble, we move to greener pastures and a fresh tournament. Can Davo or Andy usurp Kel's place as top dog? Or will they be the bad apples that spoil the bunch? Listen in and find out!

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